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Handrails are necessary for stairways (internal and external), for the safety of users and to meet NZ Building code requirements.  But, Juralco handrails don’t sacrifice style for safety and have been carefully designed to offer a range of secure and good looking handrails, adding flair to balustrades and stairways.

Juralco handrails conform to NZ Building Code Standard D1/AS1 requirements and can be installed in conjunction with balustrades or as a standalone front mounted rail. The handrails not only meet building code requirements, they are produced from a high quality architectural aluminium so they are safe and strong.  With a 5 year warranty and 10 year warranty on the finished powder coating, your handrails have been manufactured to last the distance.  

As part of the the ongoing development of modern glass balustrade systems, regulations now require all semi-frameless and frameless balustrade systems to be fitted with a rail on the top edge of glass panels, except if special laminated glass panels are fitted*.  Juralco have designed a 38mm x 30mm interlinking top rail for their frameless balustrade range, which are powder coated in a colour that matches the balustrade for a cohesive finished look.  Available in a round or square shape, the interlinking top rail also have a range of matching accessories, such as angle jointers to give the balustrade the sleekest finished look possible. 

The range of handrail includes the ever popular Classic and Round styles and modern options such as Elliptical or Aerofoil shapes. 

*Please ask your Juralco balustrade installer for more details on glass finishes which do not require top rails fitted.

Edge Balustrade Handrail designs

Viking Balustrade Handrail designs

Edgetec Balustrade Interlinking Top Rail

The slim Interlinking Rail has been used on the different Edge Balustrades fitted at this home

Viking Balustrade - Left: Round Handrail & Right: Elliptical Handrail

Edgetec Infinity Frameless Glass Balustrade with a regulation Interlinking Top Rail fitted 





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