The majority of Juralco Balustrade products are used in outdoor settings and finishing them with powder coating helps to protect them from the environment. It is one of the most durable surface finishing products that exist and also greatly enhances the finished look of the final product. With its low maintenance qualities, powder coated aluminium can retain its beauty and resilience with very little effort.

Most products are powder coated with Dulux Duralloy Plus, which offers a 15-year warranty or for harsher environments such as the seaside or industrial areas, the Dulux Duratec range is recommended, which also comes with a 25-year warranty.  

The colour range is chosen from old favourites and the very latest international colour trends and is arranged in a manner designed to make harmonious colour selection much easier. The Juralco standard colour range has been specifically chosen for its exterior durability and fade resistance, as well as proven popularity with NZ homeowners. It is recommended when choosing powder coating to decide on a colour that will compliment both the exterior and the interior of your home.

Every effort has been made to present these colours as accurately as possible and as close as modern printing processes allow. Colour appearance may vary according to the light source.  Where colour accuracy is vital, a powder-coated sample should be requested to more accurately demonstrate the effect you should get. 

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