Glass Pool Gate System

The Juralco Balustrade Glass Pool Gate System is suitable with any Frameless Glass system from Juralco Balustrades. 

Elevate a pool area with the addition of a sleek and sophisticated Glass Pool Gate System. Safe, Stylish, and easy to maintain. Add elegance and sophistication to any pool area.

Safety is utmost. Our Glass Pool Gate System is engineered to meet the highest safety standards, providing a secure barrier around your pool. Suitable for glass-to-glass gates on the Edge® Mini Post and Infinity systems, or on the post-to-glass Edge® system, our gate system ensures a safe environment for your family and guests.

  • Suitable for all Juralco Frameless Glass Balustrade systems
  • 10 or 12mm toughened glass panels used
  • Suitable for Glass-to-Glass gates: Juralco Mini Post and Infinity systems
  • Suitable for Post-to-Glass Juralco Edge system
  • The glass must have a minimum strength of 100MPa
  • The system utilises adjustable hydraulic self-closing hinges (non-hold open) and a magnetic latch

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