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Technical Details

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Producer Statements

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Masterspec Details

Post & Rail Balustrade

  • Balustrade Edge Stecca satin black on townhouse deck

  • Viking baluster balustrade on stairway

  • Edge Split Top Rail balustrade aluminium balusters with rectangular handrails v3

  • Homestead balustrade prefabricated panel on retaining wall

  • Edge Full Height Baluster Bar Pool Gate Oct 2012

  • Edge balustrade with split rail finish for Motel decks

An aluminium post and rail balustrade is an ideal alternative to timber balustrades, especially as the powder coat finish doesn't require regular re-painting or touchups.  Not only does a powder coated finish wear better than painted finishes, but it tends to match joinery and other aluminium fittings on a home for a nicer look.

Baluster balustrades continue to be very popular in NZ and we we offer a wide range of styles to choose from which fit most building situations where a balustrade is needed.


  • Original, benchmark system
  • Viking Post 45 x 45mm 
  • Baluster rail - 17mm square
  • Five handrail options
  • Full Height or Split Rail Finish
Viking balustrade baluster - Full Height or Split Rail Finish


  • Based on Viking Balustrade System
  • Edge Post 65 x 45mm (slightly larger than Vikings)
  • 17mm square, 60mm slat baluster - full height or split rail finish 
  • 60mm or 123mm slat baluster - horizontal, full height finish 
  • 49mm, 60mm or 123mm slat baluster - vertical, full height finish
  • Stylish upstand sits handrail above the post  
  • Five handrail options
  • Hidden post fixing options (front fix only)

Edge balustrade baluster - Full Height or Split Rail Finish



  • Stecca allows slats/fins to be front mounted on support rail 
  • Edge balustrade system developed to offer more modern styling  
  • 49mm slat with top and bottom support rail (no handrails required)
  • Vertical style, popular for detailing on urban townhouses


  • Ready made baluster panels (with built-in handrail)
  • Strong, entry level option
  • Prefabricated size: 1360mm wide x 975mm high
  • Raked panels available - can be adjusted to an angle up to 35 degrees
  • Standard balustrade option



  • Ready made panels
  • Especially suited for retaining wall balustrading
  • Prefabricated size: 1435mm wide x 1200mm high
  • Raked panels available - can be adjusted up to 11.5 degree angle 

With a standard 10 year powder coating warranty, aluminium balustrades are not only durable against NZ's harsh outdoor environment, but are also very low maintenance. You can choose from a wide range of modern powder coat colours for your balustrade; either a colour that virtually matches your homes joinery, or a complementary colour to enhance your home.  


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