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Post & Glass Balustrades

  • Viking framed glass balustrade in ironsand

  • Edge Fully Framed Glass Balustrade Face Fixed large deck

  • Edge Framed Glass Balustrade Face Fixed with hidden fixings on weatherboard edge on NZ deck

  • Close up corner of Viking face fixed fully framed glass balustrade

  • Edge balustrade from inside deck Rectangular handrail and inline glass with comtemporary pool fencing in the background

  • Viking fully framed glass balustrade with half glass frosted for privacy from neighbours

Glass balustrades let you enjoy the view and are a dream solution for most homeowners.  Many of our customers are pleasently surprised to find the price of framed glass balustrades are actually on par with aluminium rail balustrades, with glass not as steeply priced these days, making them a more cost effective option for homeowners. 

Different finished styles – such as framed or semi-frameless glass balustrades depend on the choice of glass sizes (thickness) and whether a bottom and/or top rail are required.  A general rule of thumb is - the thicker the glass the stronger it is, therefore the less “aluminium hardware” is needed to support it, for a more semi-frameless glass style. However, the thicker the glass the higher the price, so including more ‘aluminium hardware’ (such as top and bottom rails), with the slimmest glass is a less costly framed glass balustrade solution. 

General guidelines for choosing your post and glass balustrade system are: 
Fully Framed Finish - 6mm thick glass with a top and bottom rail 
Semi-Frameless Finish - 10mm thick glass with a top rail (no bottom rail)

We offer a range of glass and aluminium post balustrade styles to help each customer get the right balance of cost and looks which works best for them.

Viking Balustrade

  • Original post and glass system
  • Choices of 6mm or 10mm toughened safety glass  
  • Framed glass balustrade (four top/hand rail options)
  • Semi-frameless glass balustrade (five top/hand rail options)
  • Framed glass balustrade – full height or a split top rail finish


Edge Balustrade

  • Framed glass balustrade – 6mm toughened safety glass
  • Semi-frameless glass balustrade – 10mm toughened or 13.2mm laminated glass (no top rail needed)
  • Five top/hand rail options available
  • Framed glass balustrade – full height or a split top rail finish
  • Glass panels can be fitted into post edge (pocketed) or with small gap by post edge (inline)

Framed glass balustrade                                                             Semi-frameless glass balustrade 

As per other Juralco balustrades, the powder coat finish on the framed balustrades can be colour coordinated with your homes joinery, or in a different colour to complement your home. 

With many years experience, our balustrade dealers can help you with advise on the best finished look for your balustrade project.   



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