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Masterspec Details

Frameless Glass Balustrades

  • Edgetec Double Disc Anchor in Black stain powder coat finish frameless glass balustrade

  • Edgetec Infinity in Appliance White close up

  • Edgetec JH Clamp with top rail all in matching satin black colour


  • Edgetec Infinity Frameless Glass Balustrade with Interlinking Top Rail in matching silver colour

  • Mini Post Night shot with interlinking rail added2

These modern frameless glass barriers are designed for maximising views, with the most glass (and least aluminium fixings) on show. The ultimate ‘wow’ factor.

Frameless glass balustrade use less 'aluminium hardware' and instead rely on stronger (thicker) glass for structural support.  Balustrade fixings for these frameless styles are designed to be very minimalist with different options depending on the finished look you prefer, you can choice from round anchor discs, strut posts, rectangular clamps or continuous channel styles.  

Our Edgetec frameless glass systems use standard heavyweight 12mm (or 15mm) thick glass for their  balustrades, along with a rail fitted to the top of the panel to meet NZ building regulation requirements.  These top rails are designed as a backup in case of glass breakages, offering a continous handrail or support barrier instead of the glass barrier in the extremely unlike event of glass failure.  A special slim top rail has been designed for our Edgetec frameless glass balustrade range, to blend in as seamlessly as possible into the overall finished look, especially when they are powder coated in a colour which matches the balustrade attachments.  Note: An interlinking top rail is not required on Edgetec frameless glass pool fencing.

Fully frameless glass balustrades (without top rails), use special laminated glasses which are designed to hold the glass barrier up if there is any breakage. Remembering the rule of thumb - the thicker the glass the stronger it is and the less “aluminium hardware” (such as top rails) needed to support it.  But of course on the flip side, the thicker the glass the higher the price making this a premium balustrade solution. Note: Only some of the Edgetec range is available with laminated glass options (see below).

Edgetec Infinity

  • A continuous channel system with internal clamps fixing glass panels in place
  • Can be top fixed (fitted to deck top) or face fixed (fitted to front of deck face)
  • Glass panels don't need holes in glass panels for fitting (less finishing work required) 
  • Available with 12mm or 15mm thick glass (requires top rail)
  • Also available in 13.5mm or 17.52mm thick laminated SentryGlas (no top rail required)
  • Widely installed and very popular frameless balustrade for it's sleek linear design 

Edgetec Mini Post

  • Small upright posts, with an internal clamping system to hold glass panels in place
  • Can be top fixed (fitted to deck top) or face fixed (fitted to front of deck face)
  • No holes required in glass panels for fitting (less finishing work required) 
  • Available in 12mm thick glass (requires top rail)
  • Very popular for pool fencing (no top rail required)
  • One of the most popular of our frameless balustrades 


    Edgetec JH Clamp

    • Rectangular clamps fixing glass panels in place, through holes in the glass 
    • Face fix installation only (fitted to front of deck face)
    • Option for hidden fixing (clamp fittings like screws are not visible)
    • Available with 12mm or 15mm thick glass (requires top rail)

    Edgetec Double Disc Anchor  

    • A traditional 50mm diameter disc anchor, fixing panels in place through holes in the glass
    • Face fix installation only (fitted to front of deck face)
    • Aluminium disc anchors can be powder coated in a wide range of colours 
    • Stainless steel disc anchors also available in polished or satin finish
    • Available with 12mm or 15mm toughened glass (requires top rail)
    • Available in 15.2mm or 17.22mm laminated glass (no top rail required)
    • Also available in 13.52mm or 17.52mm Sentry laminated glass (no top rail required)

    Juralco Balustrades use NZ toughened safety glass and are engineered and tested to comply (and exceed) the NZ Building Code and NZ standards NZS4203, NZS4223.3.2016 and NZS1170.


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